On The Red Carpet: TedxBirmingham Salon

"Ripples. Small disturbances in the status quo that grow larger. At TEDxBirminghamSalon, we’ll hear from several live speakers who will start the ripple of an idea. It’s up to you to connect with others in this intimate setting and see how far those ripples can spread. -TedxBirmingham"

On Monday, I had the pleasure of attending my first TedxBirmingham event at Trim Tab Brewery.  Trim Tab, which is usually closed on Mondays, set up shop specifically to host the event.

Founded in 1984, TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is a nonprofit devoted to the spreading of ideas in the form of short, powerful talks on almost all topics. TED is an organization on a global scale, and uses independent, locally run events, known as TEDx, to begin the spreading of ideas through communities. All TED and TEDx Talks are recorded which furthers the promotion of ideas all around the world. Here’s a quick video that explains it all…

Attending and giving a TED Talk were both on my list of things to do before I die. At least, I can scratch one of them off. If you have never heard of a TED Talk, STOP READING THIS POST (well read the rest of the paragraph, follow the directions, and then come back and read this post) .  Click on one of the links below and pick a TED Talk to watch. WARNING YOU MAY BECOME ADDICTED.

TedxBirmingham held their first large event in May of this year, and has many more on the way. Monday’s salon featured 8 speakers who  each gave a 4-5 minute talk. Attendees were asked to select two of their favorites. The survey data will help select speakers for the larger event on February, 28th. “This is like a test run,” says Jami Armbrester a volunteer staff member and the Associate Director of Career and Professional Development at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Let me just say that I applaud every speaker for having the courage and brilliance to get up and share their personal thoughts with a group of strangers. Here’s a quick rundown of the speakers, and a quote from their talk that stood out to me.

Does this sound like an event you would like to attend or participate in? TedxBirmingham has two upcoming events this year.

October 28th Salon- Video Only. During Design Week Birmingham, they will host a viewing a selected TED talks.

December 8th Live Salon @ Trim Tab Brewery. Participants will speak on issues related to poverty. Tickets are $10 and go on sale at noon two weeks before the event. Be on the lookout, because tickets go fast. (really, really, really fast).

Oh… Participants speak while standing on a red circle carpet. Hence, the title. I loved this event and I look forward to more. It is yet another way Birmingham is building a diverse community. However, if you don’t know about it,  you can’t come. And if you don’t come no one can build it.

Well… I’ve done my job

Happy building Birmingham!

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