Poetry at Ensley Jazz House

Ensley Jazz House. There is no sign out front and you won’t find it on google maps, because this is a pop up housed in an office building.

Now, being an East side chick I was a little hesitant. For all my adventure, I have to admit I was sad that my friend couldn’t come with me. Yet, I pressed on and I’m glad I did.

(Plus, I just downloaded the WordPress app on my phone, so I can blog live!  Ignore the typos.You have no idea how many posts never made it this far.)

Guided by the whitty humor of Voice Porter, known around town as the MC of Bards and Brews, the space had a true soulful, homegrown feeling. He opens by asking us what we would do if we owned the stars.

 30 plus poets, truth tellers, sages, believers, art lovers, observers,  black, white, and “down” brothers & sisters cozy up  on an otherwise quiet street drinking wine from a twist off bottle.

The room fills to standing room only and volunteers go across the street to borrow chairs.

Through the night, the air feels with sweet sounds of poetry, music, and dance evoking every feeling imaginable.

I might even spit something…If the spirit moves me.

Don’t worry if you missed it. Jazz house poetry happens every 3rd Thursday at 61119th  Street Ensley at 7pm. Add Voice Porter on Facebook for more details.

Are you ready for the next performer? Say Yeaaaaaah.
Until next time….

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